AMIIR 100's Jar Pre-Moistened Face Makeup Remover Wipes Sensitive Skin All-In-One Facial Cleansing Hydrating NO-DRY-OUT Gentle Alcohol-Free, 1 Jar

  • Beauty


【N-in-One】say bye bye to Eye Makeup Remover + Facial Makeup Remover + Cotton Pads + Facial Cleansing, such a lengthy exhausted combination 【Fast Makeup Removing】apply wipes on makeup area, wait for a few seconds (depends on the stubborn of makeup), finally wipe off the makeup. Light makeup takes 1-2 wipes, heavy makeup takes 3 wipes 【Natural Plant Ingredients】contains natural plant ingredients, slightly plant scented, iced cool feeling, each cotton pad is full fill with remover, fit for all skin types 【Cleansing & Calming & Hydrating】efficiently makeup removing, even waterproof mascara; a pH of 6 is mildly acidic just like the tears, no stimulus burden for your skin; moisturizing formula keeps your skin hydrating after use 【Always On-the-Go】100 wipes in a jar, save room for your makeup bag. Portable design especially for a travel needs, alcohol-free can be carried on plane